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Legal framework and documentation

Cartographic Plan of Catalonia

  • Decree and Annex 1 

    Decree and general bases of action

  • Annex 2: update approved by agreement of C4 on 12/12/13 
  • Corrigendum to Annex 1 & 2 
  • Annex 3 

    Analysis of the available official cartography and its level of quality and updating

  • Annex 4 

    Basic characteristics of organization, operation and use of the Geographic Information Infrastructure of Catalonia, specifically of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Catalonia

  • Annex 5 

    Description of the state of the Integrated Geodetic Positioning Service of Catalonia and determination of its areas for improvement

  • Annex 6 

    Fostering and promotion measures of the public and private cartographic services, as well as research, technologic development, training and dissemination in the cartographic field

  • Annex 7 

    List of local entities and, where appropriate, other individuals who perform mapping and geographic information activities in Catalonia, with an estimation of the typology and level of activity and resources that are invested

  • Annex 8 

    Other studies


Previous studies to the Cartographic Plan of Catalonia

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