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18th Conference of the LIBER Groupe des Cartothécaires | Maps Expert Group
Barcelona, Spain 17-18 April 2012

Programme | National Progress Reports


18th Conference

Groupe des Cartothécaires / Maps Expert Group

Barcelona 17-18 April 2012
Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya

Map libraries in a changing world

All presentations in PDF format


17th April

Session 1: Dissemination of digital collections. Chair: Wouter Bracke

  • Eugènia Serra (Biblioteca de Catalunya): Metadata and heritage dissemination: opportunities and challenges
    Abstract | Presentation
  • Christopher Fleet (National Library of Scotland); Petr Pridal (Klokan Technologies, GmbH): Open source technologies for delivering historical maps online- case studies at the National Library of Scotland
    Abstract | Presentation
  • Humphrey Southall (Great Britain Historical GIS and Department of Geography, University of Portsmouth): Embedding historical maps in the practices of historical GIS and Geosemantics: From URLs to URls
    Abstract | Presentation

Session 2: Photographic materials as geographic documentation. Chair: Carme Montaner

  • Henrik Dupont (The Royal Library of Denmark): Aerial photo project Funen
    Abstract | Presentation
  • Antonio Magariños (Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya): The catalogue of aerial photographs of the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya
    Abstract | Presentation
  • Elisabeth Verhelst, Liesbeth Missel (Wageningen UR Library): Publishing WWII aerial photographs within geographical and library information system
    Abstract | Presentation

Session 3: Managing special collections. Chair: Henrik Dupont

  • Ramon Bernadas, Rosa Anna Felip (Centre Excursionista de Catalunya): Click to the past: a diffusion tool for a photographic archive in the 21st century
    Abstract | Presentation
  • Margherita Azzari, Irene Calloud, Paola Zamperlin (Universita de Firenze; Laboratorio di Geografia Applicata): Digital archive of Scientific Expeditions and Colonial Cartography
    Abstract | Presentation
  • Ábel Hegedüs (Mod Institute & museum of war history, Hungary): Hungarian military maps of foreign areas 1950-1990: Establishment of a digital map collection – project
    Abstract | Presentation


18th April

Session 4: Born digital maps. Chair : Renata Solar

  • Annick Anceau, Ingrid Ruthy (University of Liege): Hydrogeological maps of Wallonia (Belgium): how to manage an ongoing collection of born-digital maps in a libraries
    Abstract | Presentation
  • Jordi Guimet (IDEC, Barcelona): Catalonia’s Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Thorvaldur Bragason (National Energy Authority of Iceland): The importance of strategic planning for preservation of geographical data

Session 5: Map cataloguing. Chair: Olivier Loiseaux

  • Sandra Domingues (Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Lisbon): From analogical maps to digital maps: identification of intellectual responsibilities and the application of relator codes
    Abstract | Presentation
  • Jean-Luc Arnaud (MMSH-Telemme, France): CartoTXT: cataloguing the series in a semi-automatic way
    Abstract | Presentation
  • Joan Capdevila Subirana, Elena Camacho Arranz, Alejandra Sánchez Maganto (Instituto Geográfico Nacional): Towards interoperability in the metadata of cartographic heritage and its publication in the catalogue of the Instituto Geográfico Nacional
    Abstract | Presentation

Short presentations of experiences. Chair: Christopher Fleet

  • Olivier Loiseaux (Bibliothèque nationale de France): Archiving the Web through legal deposit at the BnF: current situation for cartographic contents
  • Noèlia Ramos; Rafael Roset (Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya). Do-it-yourself landing pages for geocontents
  • Thorvaldur Bragason (National Energy Authority of Iceland): Geoportals – responsibilities for preservation
  • Margherita Azzari; Massimo Colombo (Società Geografica Italiana, Metis Group): Cartographical collection of the Società Geografica Italiana

LIBER Groupe des Cartothécaires assembly

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